Thursday, September 7, 2017

Smoothing Out An Old Stanley No 7 Plane

Stanley No 7 Plane
Stanley No 7 Plane

I've had this old no 7 plane around for awhile. It has some good bones as they say,

Well as you know I'm not one for spit and polish, but this thing was hard to look at. Bout all of the japanning was gone. "Hey Folks That's Not Patina, That Rust" Kind'a thing. Whats strange is the rest of the plane was in pretty good shape. so I thought I would do a rehab. Re-japanning is out of my league, so I thought I would do a paint job I went with Dupli-Color semi-gloss engine enamel. After about five coats I was surprised to find it done a really good job of smoothing out the appeaser of the casting.

I know some folks would look down upon it, but it's a lot better to look at. I should have done a before and after but I had no idea that it would turn out so well

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