Saturday, May 20, 2017

Building a Trailer From A Camper Frame Part 2

This was what it came to be after enclosure 60 inches height 54 inches width & 108 inches length. the lower section beneath the trim was to be 1/2 inch PT, but he didn't have time to let it dry for paint so I went with 1/2 inch bcx ply for it and the back. 1/4 inch for the rest. Sealed all edges with Titebond glue before primer caulk and paint. Before putting the 300+1-1/2 cabinet screws to attach to the frame with Liquid Nails everywhere including the joints seams. Got glue everywhere. If it stays on it like it did me it's going to be there.

Told him to start out with he'd have a good $1500 in this thing. All he said was "Try and buy one that size and that he at lease would know what he had.

Still got to add corner running lights and markers for the back.

I checked the axle to bare frame distance then checked after finished and wasn't even an inch. My estimated weight to frame is between 140-160 lbs.

It got road tested to Columbus Ga and back with estimated 400+lbs and he said he couldn't tell it was even back there as far as drag and tracking. Those angles make a difference when cutting the wind.

Other than putting the lower part PT the only thing I would have done different would have been to paint the lower section below the trim black also.

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